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Registration for the 22nd Open Skat World Championships in Edmonton, Canada
Hotel Chateau Lacombe, From August 12 to August 21, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: Each participant (Player, Spectator, Accompanying Partner) must fill out their own registration form below.

PACKAGE A: The basic package A includes 9 nights in the booked room category with breakfast buffet and half board at the Hotel Chateau Lacombe, the venue of the Skat World Championship 2022.

On Monday, August 15, 2022 ("Whatever Day"), in the evening a "Something Buffet" is also included.

PACKAGE B: The basic package B must be booked, if the hotel is not booked through ISPA-World.

It includes the organizational cost, which includes the trophies, medals, a commemorative souvenir, one outing (excursion) for all participants and the gala evening. Furthermore, two outings for the spectators.

I acknowledge that with the registration below a down payment of $360 CAD or $285 US per person is due. Registrations without down payment can unfortunately not be processed.

I further acknowledge that all payments for North American registrations should be made via eTransfer to: A claim to participation can only be made, once the registration is confirmed AND the total fees have been paid on time by April 1, 2022.


Accidents, injuries or damages of a person or material, no matter the cause, will have no liability from the organizer. Every participant confirms with the registration that she/he participates in the event on their own risk.

I acknowledge that the with the registration collected data, results, team participation together with collected other digital media such as photos or videos may be published free from any claims for reimbursement. I have been informed that program changes are possible and I decline any claim for damages. Should the event be canceled due to force majeure, the organizer will indicate so without delay according to the cancelation conditions published on ISPA-World e.V. (

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