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ISPA Canada President
Skat - The Ultimate Card Game

Playing Skat is fun

The game of Skat was originally developed in Germany between 1810 and 1817. It is a game that is traditionally played with either three of four players at the table and a deck of 32 cards (from 7 up to Ace). The rule book was formed by a congress of Skat players in 1886, and last refined by the International Skat Players Association (ISPA) and the German Skat Federation in 1999.

What makes Skat so interesting is that, contrary to other card games, it requires a skill set that has to be learned over the course of a lifetime. It is often compared with Bridge, Euchre and Rook, as it has some similar components.

Skat is played all over the world, naturally Germany is a big Skat nation, but it is also played in other countries, such as Poland, Belgium, Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Argentinia and the USA, to name a few. When you are lucky enough to travel to Skat tournaments, which are hosted by ISPA, you get to meet new people, learn a lot about the game and make new friends.

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