Last modified: 1 March, 2019

ISPA Canada Executive


Ron Link



Vice President East

To be determined



Secretary & ISPA Editor

Kai Neumann-Hanske




Dinah Kunst



Director & Statistics

Michael Buro



Special Events Director

Barb Eggers



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Member of ISPA Canada since 1997

Vice-President of ISPA Canada 2012-2016

President of the Edmonton Spree Asse 1997-2014

Founder and President of

ISPA Referee since 2002

President of ISPA Canada since 2016

Ron Link

Since Marsha passed away, a new

Vice President  will be elected

at the next ISPA Canada AGM.


Member of ISPA Canada since 2008

Secretary & Info Editor, ISPA Canada since 2016

Member of Edmonton Spree Asse since 2008

Kai Neumann-Hanske

Member of the Winnipeg Skat Club

President of Winnipeg Skat Club since 1993

Member of ISPA Canada since 1990

Treasurer ISPA Canada since 2016

Dinah Kunst

Member of ISPA Canada since 2005

Member of Edmonton Spree Asse since 2005

Director & Statistics, ISPA Canada, since 2009

Author of strongest Skat program in the world ("Kermit")

Co-Author of "Skat in a Box" with Ron Link

Michael Buro

Member of ISPA Canada since 2008

Special Events Director, ISPA Canada since 2017

Member of the Hamilton Skat Club since 2005

Winner Canadian Championship Ladies in 2008

Winner NorthAmerican Championship Ladies in 2011

Winner US Open Ladies in 2017

Barb Eggers

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Appointed Members Arbitration Board

Chair of the Canadian Skat

Arbitration Board

Info (Click Here)

Hans-Jürgen Steinmetz

306-241-2295 cell


Eastern Canada

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Scott McCormick

819-230-2294 home


Western Canada

Info (Click Here)

Wilma Krueger

604-688-5767 home