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ISPA stands for International Skat Players Association, and this site represents the section for Skat Canada and the Skat USA. Check out the many sources of information about this exciting game by exploring the links on the right as well as in the sub pages of this website. If you like challenging games and you are competitive in nature, Skat may just be the game for you. Be warned though: Once you start playing, you may not be able to stop. Our clubs are listed in the ABOUT section and under SKAT USA.

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WM Update: 

Thank you all who registered for the World Skat Championship in Edmonton in August! We have a great representation of North American players and are looking forward to seeing you there!


Please note that the registration for the WM has been re-opened as of June 14 and registrations will continue to be accepted as authorized by ISPA World.

For those of you registered already using the down payment option, you must now make the payment for the remainder of your registration to secure your participation.

Thank you all!

Upcoming Tournaments

1. 22nd Open Skat World Championship

Edmonton, AB

August 12, 2022

2. 33rd North American Championship



3. Omaha Tournament

Omaha, NE

October 1, 2022

4. Cleveland Tournament


October 21, 2022

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2016 Canada National Team
2016 Canada National Team

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2016 Canada National Team
2016 Canada National Team

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World Championship National Teams

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