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Welcome to ISPA North America!

ISPA stands for International Skat Players Association, and this site represents the section for Skat Canada and the Skat USA. Check out the many sources of information about this exciting game by exploring the links on the right as well as in the sub pages of this website. If you like challenging games and you are competitive in nature, Skat may just be the game for you. Be warned though: Once you start playing, you may not be able to stop. Our clubs are listed in the ABOUT section and under SKAT USA.

Latest News

The planning for the 2024 tournaments has begun! Timely too, as the Las Vegas Tournament was just held at the German American Social Club in Las Vegas. 

Congratulations to Brendan Hunt, aka Coach Beard, for winning the first ISPA tournament of 2024!

Check the Tournaments 2024 section as well as the Club Tournaments page for scheduled events and complete results!

Congratulations to all winners!

Have you heard yet?

The World Championship Skat is being played in the Mediterranean, on the Costa Diadema!

More details and registration link to follow!

Upcoming Tournaments

1. Lone Star Skat Tournament

Houston, TX

February 17, 2024

2. 39th Canadian Championship

Montreal, QC

April 19, 2024

3. Ottawa Skat Tournament

Ottawa, ON

April 22, 2024

4. SaSKAToon Skat Tournament

Saskatoon, SK

May 24, 2024

5. Red Deer Skat Tournament

Red Deer, AB

May 31, 2024

23rd ISPA World Championship

Costa Diadema, Italy

October 6 - 20, 2024

ISPA-Canada Crest Original.jpg
ISPA-USA Crest Original.jpg
World Championship National Teams

For more statistics, click on STATS here or in the menu.

Please direct any comments and/or suggestions or questions to:

email ISPA Canada Secretary

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