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Welcome to ISPA North America!

ISPA stands for International Skat Players Association, and this site represents the section for Skat Canada and the Skat USA. Check out the many sources of information about this exciting game by exploring the links on the right as well as in the sub pages of this website. If you like challenging games and you are competitive in nature, Skat may just be the game for you. Be warned though: Once you start playing, you may not be able to stop. Our clubs are listed in the ABOUT section and under SKAT USA.

Latest News

Frank Heuvelmans is the 2023 Canadian Skat Champion!

With a whopping 8093 points out of six rounds, Frank demolished the competition in Montréal. In Franks words: "The cards were running me down", leaving Shawn Snyder from Delaware with 7696 points in second place, followed by Kevin Thompson (Cleveland) with 7325 points. Team winner was the team called "Gimme the keys" with 26076 total points. Congratulations to all!


The Ottawa tournament following Montréal was won by Roger Beckerman (Cleveland) in a tight last round. Roger led Eric Luz (Calgary) by only 53 points, followed by Scott McCormick (Ottawa) by only a further nine points down in third place. Only 12 points separated the top three players!

Upcoming Tournaments

1. Omaha Skat Tournament

Omaha, NE

October 1, 2023

2. Calgary Skat Tournament

Calgary, AB

October 14, 2023

3. Edmonton Skat Tournament

Edmonton, AB

October 21, 2023

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World Championship National Teams

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