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ISPA Canada Skat Geschichte

ISPA Canada Skat History

ISPA-Info - Newsletter # 66 for North America, 1 April 2014

WM 2014 - Asuncion, Paraguay
Information and Registration Form (German)

WM 2014 Registration Form (English)

Tournament Winners 2014

Skat Stars - Interviews 2012

Canadian Championship 2012 Video


CBC Interview with Ron Link

Canadian National Team- World Champions 2008 (in Calpe, Spain)

Back row from left:
Eric Luz, Ron Link, Harald Kroos, Hubert Fiene, Thomas Lang, Frank Heuvelmann
Front row from left:
Rolf C. Hagen, Joerg Peschlow, Dinah Kunst, Jutta Khalil, Horst Hagen, H.-J. Steinmetz

Canadian National Team- World Champions 2006 (in Nassau, Bahamas)

Back row from left:
Joe Mundry, Joerg Peschlow, Dieter Hagen Horst Hagen, Rolf C. Hagen Eric Luz, Hubert Fiene, Bert Penzendorfer
Front row from left:
Harald Kroos, Bernd Erbrecht, Ron Link, Thomas Lang, Scott McCormick, Dinah Kunst,
H.-J. Steinmetz

North American Champion 2013
Matthias Bremer, Hamilton
North American Ladies Champion 2013
Heidi Frank, Hamilton
North American Team Champion 2013
Ron Link, Scott McCormick, Frank Heuvelmans & Horst Gonschorek

Canadian Champion 2013
Thomas Lang, Ottawa
Canadian Ladies Champion 2013
Marsha Clarke, Ottawa
Canadian Team Champion 2013
Thomas Lang, Joerg Peschlow, Wolfgang Peschlow & Dieter Hage

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